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LJR Digital Media Offers One-On-One Training

One reason that most people do not use their devices to their fullest potential is the fact that most people lack training. Because most people lack training, they simply do not understand or appreciate all of the functions that are available to them.

LJR Digital Media will come to the location of your choice and conduct one-on-one training on whatever topic you would like. We typically schedule in 1-2 hour blocks and can come as often as twice per week.

Whether you’re looking for Microsoft Office Training, or you just need some basic computer help, LJR DIGITAL MEDIA can provide the computer training you need.

You know the skills you would like to learn. You determine what skill we teach you. We customize individual computer training classes to your specific needs. We train at all levels.

Examples of computer lesson topics we’ve helped individuals learn:

Creating Folders/Filing
USB Drives & Backups
Introduction to Computers
Senior Computer Classes
Attaching Files to Email
Smart Phones
Social Media
Introduction to SEO  
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (Begining, Intermediate, Advanced)
Mac Pages
Google Drive
Google Analytics

Call now to set up an appointment:

LJR DIGITAL MEDIA Customer Support: 530-582-2080 or email us at Support@LJR Digital

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