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What We Do

IT Support, Data Management & Security

LJR Digital Media offers IT support, data managment and security to individuals and businesses. We can stop by your business, make a house call or remote into your machine to help you out. Whether you need to set up an email, do a file transfer or connect to a network or server, you can call LJR Digital Media.

Our on-staff experts are certified in network setup. We are on call to assist you with your computers and devices.

Web Development

In today’s market, presence on the web is an absolute must. Let us create a clean, professional persona that will tell the world what your business is about.

We use the most up-to-date technologies and best standard practices to build efficient, clean and fast websites that will modernize and upgrade your business.


Driving sales takes branding, regular exposure and a consistent message delivered to the correct market. We help you achieve this by building a digital solution that takes your online marketing to the next level.
First, we want to build a marketing system that defines and emulates your brand. Second, we want to target potential prospects on a regular basis with a consistent message that builds and nurtures relationships. Doing so will increase exposure and ultimately drive sales.

Social Media Management

Each social platform has a specific audience that can be reached. Regular exposure on these social platforms can raise awareness about your business’s offerings and help you stay relevant in the minds of your customers.

Posting on social platforms will also build and foster relationships, start conversations, spread goodwill and satisfy customers need for interaction and transparency.

How it Works

A Simple Process

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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Other Services

In addition to our main services, we also offer speciality services

Web Server Maintenance

Let LJR Digital Media host and maintain your web server.

Company Branding

Spice up your company’s look with some new branding.

CRM Software Services

Use Salesforce? Let us set it up, customize it and train your staff.

Thought Leadership

We’ll provide creative documentation to help polish your business.

Ghost Writing/Blogging

Our team of writers will whip up some savvy content on your behalf.

Data & Google Analytics

Create digital ads and track the results of all your marketing efforts.

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